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Review from Malene Højmark from Denmark / @malenehoejmark on Instagram, April 2018:

First impression: insanely beautiful colour and the Black rings are a great contrast to the fabric, the ring Sling feels completely weightless. It's not at all linen-stiff/rough but not buttery soft as cotton Either. Its soft like linen bed sheets and feels light and thin in hand. My instant thought was that its without a doubt the perfect summer ring Sling for a little baby, but i was excited to see How it would carry my 1,5-year-old boy at nearly 12 kilos.
Wrap qualities: the ring Sling has, as expected, No bounce at all, but the fabric snuggles perfectly around my boy. It is relatively easy to tighten and does not budge at all. Neither on our trip to Day Care. It's strong and comfortable for both wearer and child. I get confirmation that its the perfect summer ring Sling. I am especially thinking it will be perfect for trips to the South that it will be genius. Its definitely newborn and beginners friendly, but also worked very well for my 1,5-year-old boy. If you like thin and strong ring Slings that does not need extra tightening afterwards, then this can definitely be recommended ❤️❤️
Kindest regards from Malene



Review from Sandra Roce from Croatia / salty_air__ on Instagram, May 2018: 

I am sharing my experience with our Wildbloom sling. It is the best sling ever! The material is great, and we couldn't be more satisfied. It is linen, natural and stonewashed and the colour is so beautiful! It is excellent for winter because it's not too baggy and great for summer because of its softness. My baby is 15 months old and we are still enjoying snuggling in our Wildbloom sling. I highly recommend it.-- 


Review from Eva / @rosarotundallerliebst auf Instagram, April 2018:

Auf die Ringsling bin ich erst durch Wild-Bloom der lieben Annette aufmerksam geworden ... beim dritten Kind wollte ich etwas das schneller und einfach geht, wie die herkömmlichen Tragetücher und Tragehilfen, da kam mir das tolle Design der Sling und die traumhafte Farbe „dusty rose“ ( das übrigens meine Lieblingsfarbe ist) gerade recht! Der Leinen Stoff ist total strapazierfähig, selbst meine mittlere Tochter mit 2 Jahren kann ich problemlos damit tragen. Zum Thema LEINEN braucht es nicht viele Worte... er ist einfach schlicht und traumhaft schön!!

Selbst meine „nicht trage begeisterte“ Freundin findet die Sling super praktisch und wird sich beim nächsten Kind definitiv eine Wild Bloom Sling zulegen !!



Shay from California / @shaymoon_ on Instagram, March 2018:

I have to say for some reason your sling is the easiest ring sling I have to get positioned correctly!!! It´s my absolute favourite! <3


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