As a mum, my biggest joy are my babies and I love cuddling them as much as I possibly can. I've been a flower lover since I was little, and all of my art is inspired by nature's beauty. 

One day, when walking through a flower meadow while cuddling my little baby in a Ringsling - the idea of WILD BLOOM was born.

When I sketched out my idea for this brand, the most important thing for me was to find a fabric that provides the best qualities for baby wraps.

I figured my fabric should be breathable, having great haptic and look fashionable and natural. Stonewashed Linen offered all this and more, and I decided to give them the most amazing colours.

"Wild Bloom" comes from the fact that I sometimes have a Special Limited Collection of Slings I plantdye by hand, using everything nature around provides me with: flowers from my garden, from the forests or from summer meadow. Dried or frozen flowers, leaves from the Norwegian trees, barks, veggies, tea or even fruits. 

This way every sling is unique, no one has the exact same shade as the other - but every single piece is made with love... and it gets a Iittle dance by me :)



Use our Hashtag #wildbloommoments


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