Merino+Mohair Ring Sling or Scarf - "Wollewölkchen"

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A cosy, soft and snuggly Ring Sling in 70% Merino and 30% Mohair - you will love the gentle touch it gives to the skin without feeling itchy.

With just the right amount of bounce, it's surprisingly supportive because of the weaving pattern, making your little one nearly weightless.

Mohair is 8x warmer than wool and extremely soft which makes it perfect sensitive skin. It does not felt like wool does and therefore keeps its nice look over time.


Please wash your Wool Ringsling before the first use to make the fabric durable and strong. Wash by hand in cold water and very mild wool soap. Dry flat out of sun.

Length about 1.95m - with Shiny Silver Champagne Aluminium Rings/Dark Warm Rosegold Rings
Est. 3-10 business days. 
Our Safety tested Baby Carrier is made of the finest, all natural Linen from Europe.
Ethically produced and handmade in EU. 

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